Student Advantage Card – Save Money on Things You Need

hallThese days everyone is looking to save money. Students have always needed ways to save. With higher education getting more costly everyday student discount cards are a great way to save, and honoring the cards is a great way for merchants let hard working students know they appreciate their business. For only £10.00 a year, you can save from 10% to 40% at participating merchants throughout the UK.

There are several merchants who offer discounts, for restaurants, nights out, education, clothes and online discounts. You can even save on the yearly cost of the card in just one or two purchasers.

You can also get your card free and make some extra money by being a student sales representative. Sell only 11 cards and get your card for free and earn £2.50 per card. Sell more cards and earn bonuses. Sell 100 cards and make £120 bonus along with your free card and £2.50 per card.

How do you sell, just tell your mates about the cards, everyone wants to save money.

Natalie Waring from Durham City made a post on her facebook page and sold four cards on the first day and plans to sell more in person and on twitter. She says, “When I’m out with my mates and have to pay for something I take out my card and they see right before their own eyes how much money I save. I sell them a card and they’re happy.”

Merchants who accept the card will see an increase in customers and when you care about someone when they’re short on cash, they remember you when they graduate, just giving them 10% now and you’ll have a customer for life. Student discounts are a great way to build loyalty. The student discount card program is adding participating merchant everyday.

Halloween Costumes for Adults

As an adult you may not think that a Halloween costume is necessary, but it can be put to many more uses than taking the children, trick or treating around the neighborhood.

Themed Parties – As I enjoy dressing up, I usually make my birthday in November a fancy dress party so that my friends and family can get good use out of their costumes again. This is also good for New Year or any other kind of party. Also of course the Halloween get together after all the children are in bed.

Charity Events – If you are fund raising for charity no matter what the event is, doing it with everyone dressed up is always much more fun and gets you more fund raising cash. You also look great in the pictures, although obviously long dresses are not advisable for certain activities. Have your own charity party with all the proceeds going to your favorite charity and everyone will love it.

Get Your Picture in The Paper – If you are trying to raise the profile of a charity or whatever cause you are promoting, one of the best ways is to wear a fancy dress or your old Halloween costume.

Having a Laugh – Make a spectacle of your self, nothing beats the tale of needing directions, when lost on the way to a party. It was a Halloween party and I had to get directions in full medieval vampire babe costume, with blood and fangs.

coupleFulfill Your Fantasy – If you have always wanted to be wonder woman or Han Solo this is the time of year that this is possible. Go wild! If you have always wanted to be Robin Hood and wear tights and swing a sword this is it, man or woman, there are some great adult costumes out there.

How to Build a Great Working Relationship with Your Boss

No one can manage anyone well, or for long, on an ad hoc basis. There needs to be a sound basis-a routine and a structure-if the relationship is going to be constructive.

This premise is easy to adopt, but then, unless your boss does all the work and creates exactly what you want, it demands two things:

  • That you think it through. You need to take the initiative and think about what factors constitute a sound working arrangement. You can do worse than list them
  • That you make it happen. Again, take the initiative where necessary for creating and agreeing the appropriate basis-and making it stick

Any shortfall here will dilute your efforts to manage others; if you cannot get precisely the arrangement you want the first time (and this may well be the case), then you need to keep on working at it.

Amongst the things that help this process are to:

  • Adopt a day-to-day routine, especially with regard to how you communicate and how and when you have meetings
  • Ensure regular communication (of all sorts, but especially meetings) and ensure you have sufficient time together to agree matters between you
  • Make sure that project timing is agreed, and particularly that check points or progress meetings are scheduled in advance (by stage, if not by date)
  • Agree also to the nature and style of all the above: for example, what exactly is a progress meeting? How long is it likely to take, should it be preceded by a written document of some sort, and, if so, what level of detail is involved?
  • Make sure that such practice relates appropriately to tasks (that it is what is needed to get the job done) and to the people (so that all parties feel comfortable with it)
  • Address both long- and short-term issues. Think about what is needed day-to-day, right through to annual matters (like planning or appraisal)

It is important to relate all this to the nature of work and tasks. A progress meeting on an essentially routine matter may not take long or involve anything complicated; though it may still be vital to keep things on track. At the other end of the scale, a meeting that is designed to be a creative-discussion that aims to identify new ideas or methods-will take longer and is also more likely to be squeezed out by pressure of time on matters that somehow have more immediate urgency. The routine should help make things right along this scale happen effectively.

Describing a good working methodology is one thing, achieving it may well be another. Certainly it will not just happen (unless you have an exceptional manager), or will not happen consistently. So you need to be prepared to think it through, and see it as something else on which you must be prepared to take an initiative. Thus:

  • Ask: ask, that is, for the opportunity to discuss things, and have some ideas ready (either this can be approached overall, or-better with a less approachable manager-over one issue, a project perhaps, initially as a way of creating good practice)
  • Suggest: put forward ideas, offer suggestions, and use what other people (chosen because they will be respected) do to exemplify your case. Discuss, negotiate, request a test (plead?)-but get something agreed, even if it is at first a starting point that you return to and refine to move nearer to the ideal
  • Action: take the initiative and act assumptively. In other words, just do it. For example, as a project starts, set out a timetable in writing, scheduling progress meetings, and send it without comment, put (or through a secretary get put) the date in the diary, send an agenda ahead of the time and appear ready for the meeting. Taking such action, assuming it is sensible and will be approved, makes sense; your boss may actually find it useful (maybe to the surprise of you both!) and not only react positively but also react well to similar things in future
  • Match their style: finally, as you approach all this, bear in mind the kind of person they are. What will suit them? Aim high by all means, but if ultimately some compromise is likely to be necessary, plan what you might do. For example, attitude to detail is important here. Your manager may be a “put it on one page” kind of person, or want every i dotted, and every t crossed.

You cannot just ignore such characteristics; a well-matched case has the best chance of being agreed to and of working. Start as you mean to, go on, suggest something practical, act to get it agreed, and make it work so that they will want it to continue.

Wedding Photography

classic_portraitPhotography keeps memories fresh year after year and for generation after generation.

Photography is art; a photographer is an artist.

All photographs are not the same; photographs clicked by a specialist are much more distinguished than those taken by an amateur. Retaining the charm of a situation and unfolding the memories each and every time a photograph is looked at is a skill to admire indeed. Marriage is one of the most memorable events in one’s life. The coming together of two individuals with a lifelong bond is an occasion to remember, but one may not remember all the minute details; a professional photographer will be of immense help.

Wedding photography is a very specialized service; photography is an admixture of technology and art. The photographer before clicking a scene or situation will create the image in his or her mind. Instantly they will analyse the light settings, the background reflection and the predominant colors. This is known as photography eye; an expert will create the image in his or her mind and immediately will start re-arranging the scene. The photographer will try to make adjustments to the location as far as possible and readies the scene for the best photographic image. This is what differentiates between an ordinary photographer and the one who creates wedding photography.

Sydney wedding photography will have the right technology to support any scene. The photographer is not bothered if there is less light or more light or no natural light at all. They have the perfect technology for every situation. The photography team will make adjustments to the locale without unduly disturbing the natural set up. The resulting photograph will be a gift for life. A truly professional photograph will evoke emotions of the occasion even after many years.

Benefits Of Hiring a Ukulele Band For Your Event

stringWhen you have a special event, entertainment is very critical to keep everybody lively and make the event unforgettable. The level of entertainment and ultimate success will however depend entirely on the band you select. Here are the main advantages you will derive from hiring a ukulele band.

KoaSound is a ukulele based band that is made of highly experienced members who easily understand your event and deliver the best to your audience. If you are having a wedding, corporate or other event, the band will entertain you based on the appropriate theme. All you need is to give a few details of the event such as the theme, the expected audience and any other information relevant for your event to help in preparations.

When you hire the band, you are free to select the music you want played for the event. The band has a website with a list of songs that makes it easy for you to pre-evaluate what to expect at the event. Besides, the booking has been made easy for you and all the agreements are completed online.

The band has all the entertainment tools and equipment to deliver the utmost entertainment to your audience. It has taken a lot of time with its guitars and other instruments to deliver special beats and sounds for the entire event. Reports from past events indicate this ukulele band manages to deliver great entertainment and high value for money.

The cost of hiring the band is affordable by all. The band packages the charges depending on time, event, length of event and other factors such as distance. It is however advisable that you look at the overall value of the event as opposed to the charges alone. Do not forget to negotiate and even ask for discounts when you come for the services a second time. These are some of the benefits you will draw by hiring the band for your event.