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Features Your Web Hosting Service Should Have

If you’re about to subscribe to a web hosting service and still don’t know if you’re choosing the company right, here’s a piece of advice. Check out their features and make sure they have the best services in the following areas.

1. Tech Support

rack_serversOne sure thing that you’ll find when you have your own website is the need to find out about something beyond your control and knowledge. There could be times that you might need to migrate your content from one platform to another and you would need to contact your web hosting provider for help. If you’re impulsive like this writer, you would want a quick response from the web host. Who doesn’t want a fast response when you’re paying them a monthly fee for their service. A good tech support department has a 24/7 online chat, email or phone system. If your potential provider doesn’t have that, then it is time to look for one with such services. You can try their tech support by registering with them and asking a question before purchasing. It’s the best way to test them. If there reply takes more than an hour or two, look for another company.

2. Language Compatibility

If you’re having a website hosted while using the platform WordPress or Drupal, for example, this may not be a very big deal for you. However, if you’re making your own website using languages like Ruby on Rails (ROR), you would need to make sure that the hosting provider has a system that’s compatible with these programming languages. More than the compatibility, you must be concerned whether or not they provide support for such languages.

3. Site Backup

This is a non-negotiable feature. When looking for a provider, always check if they have a good site backup feature. If they simply say they have a site backup system, ask further about how it works and what comes with it. No matter which company you choose, you must make sure that you have a site backup in case something crashes. You don’t want to say goodbye to your site just because of missing out this part.

Working on a website can be tedious and demanding. It’s taxing in terms of time, energy and a little bit of money. You want to make sure that what you’re paying to a hosting company comes back as a good investment. When you find the company you want to do business with check online for any coupons that might help to lower the cost. Making sure the provider is at their best in the three aspects we covered will help you choose the right company for the right investment.